At the forefront of the Nova Group’s remarkeable succsses and market leadrship lie years of rich experience, vision and direction of one man : Founder Mr Omprakash Jain. Revered all over Surat for his amazing proficiency and sterling reputation in the dyes industry, ‘Babuji’ as he is fondly called, stands as a tower of inspiration for the Nova Group. His exceptional knowledge and exprience acts as the foundation of valuable insight and direction to the management.

The executive functions and day-to-day management of the group are ably handled by the younger generation, comprising of Mr Kamal Jain and his son, Jinesh Jain. This dynamic and spirited management leads a team of about 600 technical, skilled and unskilled personell.

While members of the staff are extremely qualified, skilled and well-equipped to serve the customers at all levels, th Group’s recruitment policy is extremely well structured. This helps the group to attract and retain the best technical and professional talent in the industry.

Consequently, all the Production/ Department Heads at Nova are Ph.D holders in their field. Apart from the technical staff, even the marketing executivs are (Tech.) graduates and thus, better qualified to understand and provide on-site solutions to customer needs. The company also draws from an elite panel of technical consultants having 30 years experience in the product/ process development.

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