The Nova Group follows the AATCC 146/86 standard procedures at all units.

An elaborate arrangement of equipment for conducting quality checks is available, including dying machine printager, sublimation tester and laundrometer complete with a series of instruments for testing rubbing fastness, light fastness, etc. time and again.

Nova offers valuable contributions in terms of practical inputs to the quality control programme, based on its insight into domestic market conditions. For instance, generally lab conditions presuppose usage of distilled water for testing dyes, etc. at Nova, it is a policy to use both, the prescribed distilled water as well as water (having hardness levels of 14-400). By doing so, the company gets practical information about how the dyes/products will work not only under lab conditions, but also in actual factory conditions and at the garment level. This initiative gives the company and its technical team better control over offering the clients, exactly what they are looking for. For instance, to get a first hand knowledge of product quality, the dyes are not only checked for loopages at Nova, but also at the client’s premises, after due dyeing and printing of the fabric.

As a matter of practice, test checking at Nova continues beyond routine random-checks of delivery consignments of a given product.

Every six months, elaborate test checks for all consignments under a given product category are carried out, in order to check the consistency of quality over a period of time. Moreover, Nova follows a strict internal, the Directors. Only after the product is okay-ed by the Directors’ sale of approval, that it is dispatched for delivery.