Nova approaches corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategically – in order to ensure a sustainable future for society, our customers, and our company. By focusing our talent, technology, and capital on education and entrepreneurship, we strive to enact positive social change through economic growth, job creation, innovation, and community.

As we thrive to produce the best products and use latest technology, we are extremely socially conscious as well. At Nova, we deeply understand the dangers to nature caused by manufacturing and industrial waste. Hence to compensate for damages caused to nature by Nova Industries and setting an example in the subject of CSR, we have built a Green Zone sized 24,000 square meters as well as a Common Effluent Treatment Plan Where waste water is treated and once its clean then its released.

We are also connected with,
- Shalu Charitable Trust
- SPB College
- Agarwal Vidhya Mandir
- Vidhyasagar Scholarship Trust