Early Years in Surat

The roots of the Nova Group date back to the year 1977. What began as a small trading enterprise dealing in textiles, later transformed into a dyeing house Shalu dyeing & printing Works’ in 1983. Subsequently, the company entered the international market, exporting sarees and dress material under the banner of Shalu Exports. Over the years, the company added a new dimension to its expertise in graphic design by adapting it to serve various other areas. The fruits of this endeavor reflect in Shalu Information Technology pvt. Ltd., a promising group subsidiary which has won acclaim as prominent IT-based solutions provider in specialized areas. Another firm, Novacid was formed in 1991 and it’s commercial production started in 1995. On the other hand, the Nova Group has successively consolidated its presence in the textile industry. Envisaging growing demands of the textile industry, almost 75% of which is located in and around Surat, the management decided to set up an international-standard Disperse Dyes Manufacturing unit.

The Making of the Market Leader

Nova Dyestuffs Industries Pvt. Ltd., the flagship enterprise of the, was established in 1987. Going commercially on-stream in 1989, the company widened its product base from disperse dyes to dye intermediates. over the past decade, Nova Dyestuffs has risen to become the leading brand with a sterling reputation in the dyes to dyes intermediates industry. For a consecutive period of three years since 1997, Nova Dyestuffs has been rated as the second largest dyestuff manufacturer in India. The company offers the largest and the widest product range, catering to every requirement in the field of dyes and dyes intermediates. Its prestigious clientele compromises of the entire textile industry, Internationally too, Nova Dyestuffs has gained eminence for the manufacture of Disperse Blue SR, C.I. Disperse Blue 354, Cyanine series, ranking as one of the three sole manufacturers of this product in the world.

Novaquin – A New Sunrise

After firmly entrenching itself in Dyes & Dyestuffs, the Nova Group strategically undertook a backward integration programme – from Disperse Dyes, Solvent Dyes to Auxiliaries. Under the newly formed Novaquin Pvt. Ltd., the Group offers a comprehensive range of Textile auxiliaries, covering all the processes, viz. pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing cycles. Based on the needs of the customer and the market, Novaquin has developed the expertise to provide tailor-made products to serve every stage from bleaching to printing. Within these stages also, the company is well-equipped to offer products to suit all possible types of textiles – from 100% cotton, polyester blended or synthetics.