Excellent technical infrastructure is the greatest asset of the Nova Group.

Cutting-edge technical expertise, continuous Research & Development and stringent quality control at all levels of processing and production are the pillars on which it stands.

The group facilities employ of premier quality Disperse Dyes. The R&D Cell (testing laboratories), complete with advanced instruments and computers for standardization, is the nerve centre of all action at Nova. The cell is constantly engaged in innovation and manufacture of newer dyes. Its other competencies include improvement of existing colours besides innovating and introducing new dyes into the market.

The lab is fully self sufficient with state-of-the-art equipment like HPTLC, Gas Chromatology, HPTLC and a Pilot plant, comprising of a spray dryer and all the essential elements for manufacturing sample quantities of about 10 kg. The unit utilizes high-tech color matching computers (spectrophotometers) to perform sample checks with pinpoint accuracy.